Testing & QA

Horizon provides a comprehensive range of on-shore and offshore Testing and QA services. Our testing methodology includes expertise in functional, integration, performance and white and black box testing services. Our experience ranges from utilizing automated testing tools like Mercury’s WinRunner, performance testing tools like Load Runner and the home grown defect management tool BugTracker.

Horizon Testing Services include the following:

  • Test Program Management.
  • Automation and Regression Testing.
  • Performance Benchmarking.
  • Web Testing.

Our capabilities encompass test plan and test case generation, issue identification and resolution and defect management. Our dedicated staff of QA professionals work in sophisticated testing labs using proven quality testing processes to provide the ideal testing services to our clients.

Test Program Management

The program management piece basically has to do with monitoring the project, ensuring that the Test Strategy/Plan is being followed and that necessary deliverables are being generated at each phase of the project.

Automation and Regression Testing

Horizon identifies the functional requirements and develops test plans to verify the product conformance with all the functional specifications. Test cases are developed using standard methods, resulting in test scripts. The test scripts are executed by utilizing automated testing tools like Winrunner, Rational Test Studio and Silk Test. The automation test technology drives the value of the test solution by

  • Reducing Test Cycle time.
  • Increasing Code Coverage.
  • Improving Test Accuracy.

Performance Benchmarking

Horizon delivers a unique offering of automated testing products and solutions, which improves the application stability and ensures that systems can handle anticipated load, before applications go-live. Our performance testing methodology is for our customers who need to test the stability, capability and robustness of the product in extreme deployed conditions.

Web Testing

Horizon specializes in testing all web-enabled applications; from corporate portals, to high quality B2B and B2C websites. Testing websites can be extremely complex and different, because non-functional items such as security, performance, and browser capability deserve equal attention as functionality.

QA and Testing Methodology

Horizon’ QA and testing methodology consists of 3 key phases – Test Planning, Test Preparation and Test Execution.