IT Governance Compliance & Securtiy Services

With our proven methods we help organizations establish a system of Management of Internal Controls. Our main service offerings are

CoBIT framework is designed to ensure:

  • IT is aligned with the business
  • IT enables the business and maximizes benefits
  • IT resources are used responsibly
  • IT risks are managed appropriately

Horizon services in implementing CoBIT include:

  • Mapping Business Goals to IT Goals
  • Implementation of IT processes to support IT Goals
  • Implementation of IT Activities to manage IT Processes
  • Defining Key Goal Indicators and Key Process Indicators

Compliance Preparedness Services

Horizon offers installation and implementation of SAP Management of Internal Controls System for SOX 302/404 Compliance. Following are our offerings:

  • Installation & configuration of SAP Management of Internal Controls
  • Evaluation of your documented business processes and process controls over major activities in your organization.
  • Evaluation of internal control design and effectiveness; identification and tracking of issues and development of remediation plans.
  • Assess Preventive & Detective controls in your processes.
  • Assess Risk Management Processes
  • Assess your workflow and segregation of duties.
  • Define Segregation of Duties (SoD) Matrix

Horizon Virsa Implementation Services

  • Installation of Virsa Tool in your SAP Environment
  • Configuration of Virsa for Initial Segregation of Duties
  • Training and Workshops on Virsa tool.

Security Services

Horizon offers SAP Authorizations & Security Consulting Services to help organizations establish policies and processes to ensure data integrity, security and availability.

Our services include:

  • Implementing established security guidelines & best practices in line with SAP AG and security organizations like CERT & SANS Institute.
  • Assisting in audit process
  • Implementing changes suggested by auditors to improve security
  • Maintaining a knowledge database of list of problems and solutions
  • Preparing of Service Level Agreements (SLA) Compliance reports
  • Working closely with SAP Functional Specialists / Key Business Users in designing SAP Authorization Matrix
  • Setting up of user profiles/authorization with proper change control process