Enterprise Knowledge Portal

In most companies, the valuable information is spread across people, processes and content. Enterprise knowledge portal integrates people, processes, technology and information into a single solution. EKP provides many opportunities to achieve company goals and objectives. Employees are required to make operational and strategic decisions every day and they need information from various data sources, applications and systems to make those decisions. These data sources are scattered across organization. A successful EKP solution integrates these various data sources and application under one unified presentation layer that is user configurable.

Horizon’ EKP solution will help you in managing your Information assets in a way that will satisfy your customers, increase productivity and employee efficiency, Increase profits and decrease costs. It will multiply the value of knowledge within your organization as well as outside. It will create a knowledge management environment that will reduce your cultural and technical barriers. It is designed to connect people, processes and the information within and outside organization.

Horizon’ EKP solution dynamically integrates the portal page when the user log into the portal. The data is retrieved dynamically from its original source and presented in the way user has configured it to be presented. It ensures that the content is relevant, timely and accurate. This ensures that every user is accessing the same information and hence increases the reliability of the data and reduces data redundancy.

It provides user interface that integrates data from ERP systems, legacy applications, Business Intelligence solutions, websites, enterprise applications and other selected applications into one unified view. This unified view of integration saves lot of user time in searching and accessing content across these various technology platforms.

Horizon’ EKP solution brings relevant information and applications to your employees so that they can take immediate and effective actions in their day-to-day operations. Our EKP solution is designed as a bridge between different and often disconnected applications, data sources and systems to make work processes and searching information more intuitive. It creates a single browser solution that accesses corporate information, finds forms, opens applications, reviews documents, and performs various other day-to-day activities.

Our EKP solution provides:

  • Information gathering and search functionality
  • Consistent view of department and company
  • Direct access to applications and systems for data input, reporting and analysis
  • Direct access to company information and resources (people, processes and applications)
  • Customizable user interface and personalized access to content
  • Single sign-on and consistent information security management
  • Browser based training (eLearning) for applications and standard operating procedures
  • Subscription based (internal and external) content library